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Plumbing Red Flags

Plumbing Red Flags

Your plumbing system can be in disarray from time to time. When this happens, it can be frustrating for homeowners who have to struggle with the unexpected expense of getting their plumbing system fixed.

Ultimately, the best thing that homeowners can do is prepare themselves for potential plumbing issues by understanding the red flags. Today, Keeley’s Plumbing is going to share the red flags that indicate it’s time to get plumbing repairs in Lombard, IL.

Sewer Odor

One common red flag that your home is experiencing plumbing issues is if you notice a sewer odor throughout your home. Generally speaking, every drain requires a trap and every trap requires a vent. These things are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering your home.

When you smell sewer gas, this means that a trap has run dry or a vent line is cracked. In this case, you’re going to need to contact a plumber in Lombard, IL, to look at the issue further.

Weak Water Flow

When this happens in multiple locations, your home is experiencing plumbing problems. It’s important to note that if you’re experiencing low water pressure in only one spot, it’s probably an issue with a faucet. However, multiple locations communicate that you may have a bigger plumbing issue that needs to be addressed by our plumbing company in Lombard, IL.

Slow Drain

Slow drains are certainly annoying. Even more than that though, slow drains could be a sign of a plumbing problem. This could be an issue as simple as a clogged drain or a more serious issue that requires extensive services such as drain snaking. Either way, it’s not a good idea to try and handle issues on your own, contact Keeley’s Plumbing for plumbing services in Lombard, IL, to prevent any further damage.

At Keeley’s Plumbing, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners live comfortably. Whether you need emergency plumbing in Lombard, IL, or a simple drain cleaning, we have the skills and experience to get the job done. With that said, be sure to take these plumbing red flags into consideration. Call us now or fill out the form on this website to schedule your appointment.


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