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The Trusted Name for Gas Pipe Repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, and Nearby Areas

Damaged gas pipes pose a number of risks and should be dealt with immediately by professional plumbers. At Keeley’s Plumbing, we have the proper equipment and industry knowledge to provide a safe and efficient gas pipe repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our local plumbing company takes calls 24/7 and is ready to act quickly in the event of a gas leak. Your health and safety are important to us, so we make sure to complete all plumbing services and gas pipe repairs correctly the first time.

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Signs of a Gas Leak

A gas leak can pose health risks, as well as cause fires in your home if not promptly addressed. If you notice any of the following signs, it is important to immediately take action, vacate your home, and call for professional help.

Odors: Natural gas smells strongly of sulfur, which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. This smell may be more pungent in areas closer to the leak.

Sound: It is common to hear a hissing or whistling sound near a damaged gas line.

Physical Signs: If your gas pipe is near a window, you might notice condensation on the gas that is not typical in your home. Malfunctioning appliances, such as a stove, BBQ grill, dryer, hot water heater, or furnace can indicate a problem with your gas line. You may also experience an increase in your gas bills that cannot be explained by increased use.

Physiological Symptoms: Exposure to natural gas can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. If you experience these symptoms after exposure to natural gas, seek medical attention immediately.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

With some appliances, the seal that connects the piping to your appliances can wear out or be corroded. Connections between the gas main and your home can also become worn and corroded as well. Tree roots or rocks can puncture your pipes as well and lead to leaks. A pinched hose can also lead to gas leaks caused by an increase in pressure.

If you suspect a gas leak, make sure to avoid activities that can create a spark, as this can lead to fires. Tasks to be avoided include turning on appliances, starting a vehicle, and using a match or lighter. Turn off the gas used by your appliances. Disconnecting the main gas line will require a professional plumber’s assistance, so it’s important to give Keeley’s Plumbers a call right away. We will be sure to provide the necessary gas pipe repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, right away.

How Can You Avoid a Gas Leak?

If you have gas appliances, such as a stove, BBQ grill, dryer, hot water heater, or furnace, make sure to have the connectors regularly inspected by a professional plumber. Installation, repair, and maintenance for these appliances are best left to the professionals at Keeley’s Plumbing. Poorly connected gas lines and appliances can lead to major health and safety concerns. Annual inspections can make sure that your gas lines are in good working condition to avoid a dangerous leak.

Trust Keeley’s Plumbers with Your Gas Pipe Repair in Glen Ellyn, IL

Keeley’s Plumbing is here, ready to act quickly to provide gas line repairs. We serve Glen Ellyn, IL, and the surrounding areas 24/7. We are the plumbers that you can trust to keep your gas appliances and gas lines in optimal condition.

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