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Tips on Keeping Your Drains Flowing Smoothly

Tips on Keeping Your Drains Flowing Smoothly

When dealing with a clogged drain in Wheaton, IL, the best solution is to prevent the problem from ever occurring in the first place. Preventive measures that every property owner can take to keep their drains clear include:

  • Scraping pots, pans, and plates before washing
  • Disposing of cooking grease in the trash instead of down the drain
  • Flushing only toilet paper in the bathroom
  • Using perforated drain stoppers to catch hair and food particles
  • Reminding all household members of the importance of drain care

Drains that are readily accessible should be checked for minor blockages on a regular basis, and all hair and other obstructions that can be easily reached should be removed and placed in the trash. Be sure to contact our drain cleaning company in Wheaton, IL, at the first sign of a clog issue.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Drain Cleaning Company

If all else fails to keep a drain flowing as it should, the next logical step is contacting an experienced plumber in Wheaton, IL, for help. Be sure to reach out to Keeley’s Plumbing whenever you have issues with your drains or any other part of your plumbing system.

Our skilled plumbing professional will arrive at the property armed with the tools needed to find the source of the clog. We can perform hydro jetting in Wheaton, IL, if that’s what it takes to clear the line. Attempting to clean a drain without the know-how and proper equipment could result in damage and is a situation that should be avoided by most property owners.

Contact Keeley’s Plumbing for Drain Cleaning Today

You won’t go wrong when you count on the team at Keeley’s Plumbing for drain cleaning services in Wheaton, IL. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to inspect your slow-flowing or backed-up drains right away, and we’ll then follow up by going over all the available cleaning and repair options so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.


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