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Sewer Repair in Oak Brook, IL

In the plumbing industry, experience and credibility build trust and drive sales. Keeley's Plumbing is one of the top plumbing companies serving the local area. We've been in the business for more than five years, and one of our specialties is sewer line repair. Let a plumber in Oak Brook, IL, repair any domestic sewer system that has a small or large network of mains and pipes.

Sewer Repair for Damaged Pipes

There are several ways to repair a cracked pipe in a sewer system, and we use each method during specific situations. Every method requires a liner, which adheres to a pipe. The main liner options are:

  • Cured-in place liners: These liners are designed for trenchless relining systems. During the curing process, heat is applied to the liners. As steam builds up, it helps the liners mold into the cracks on pipes.
  • Pull-in place liners: For pipes that have big gaps or large cracks, pull-in place liners work well. In order to use them, a pipe must have two access points. One point is where a plumber feeds the liner, and the opposite point is where the plumber pulls the liner through a pipe. After a liner is in place, air is added to expand the sleeve around a pipe.
  • Pipe bursting liners: Pipe bursting liners can patch up pipes that have major damage. We must have full access to a pipe to repair cracks with these liners. A plumber always starts the repairs by positioning the bursting head near a pipe's main access point. Then, the plumber moves the head through the pipe using equipment that produces hydraulic power.
  • Internal pipe liners: An internal pipe liner is a unique coating. It can repair a pipe that leaks water on soil in the surrounding area. We must remove all standing water in and around a pipe to prepare for the treatment. This is a very important step because the liner's epoxy coating will only adhere to a pipe that's dry.

Options for Sewer Line Replacement

When a sewer line has a severe problem, it's best to replace the pipe. We replace sewer lines on residential properties with the following pipes:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Cast iron
  • ABS
  • PVC

Importance of Sewer Repair

Sewer line problems that aren't resolved quickly can impact many fixtures in a home. In the kitchen and bathroom, water will move slower out of the drains, and in the tub and shower, the water pressure will drop. However, the biggest issues are blockages and backups. Without immediate sewer pipe line repair, wastewater will access drains instead of the sewer system.

Keeley’s Plumbing can also provide sewer repair services in Oak Brook, IL, when you need:

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