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Choose Keeley’s Plumbing for Sewer Camera Inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL and Nearby Areas

Before recommending any repair work, it is essential that our plumber understands the scope of the problem and the current state of your home’s sewer pipes. Sewer camera inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL, and the surrounding areas is a valuable service offered by your local plumbing company, Keeley’s Plumbing. A thorough inspection allows our plumbing contractors to develop the best sewer repair service to your plumbing problem for your home and budget. Give us a call today, and we will be ready to inspect your sewer lines.

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How does a sewer camera inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL, work?

To complete a sewer camera inspection, we will begin by identifying an area or areas that are causing problems based on your needs and the nature of your service call. We will identify a single access point and insert a flexible rod with a high-definition video camera attached. Your plumber will be reviewing this live video footage to identify problems with your sewer system.

What does a sewer camera inspection reveal?

Through sewer camera inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL, we can identify clogs, blockages, and cracks in your pipes. The camera footage will reveal cracks in your pipes or tree roots that may be causing your plumbing or sewer pipes to leak. Once we have a complete understanding of your system, we will discuss all of your options to decide the best course of action for your home. We may recommend and perform sewer pipe repair, sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, and other sewer repair options in Glen Ellyn, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Why do you need a sewer camera inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL?

Many of our service calls will begin with a sewer line inspection, especially if you have experienced recurring back-ups or issues that suggest a damaged sewer line, such as pooling water. Conducting a sewer camera inspection in Glen Ellyn, IL, and nearby areas allows us to help you save time and money. Your plumber is able to view live video footage from your pipes to accurately diagnose the source of a problem. An inspection allows your plumber from Keeley’s to get a full understanding of the problem before discussing repair options with you. Accurate diagnosis also allows your plumber to find the most cost-effective solution to minimize intrusion or unnecessary excavation on your residential property.

Should I schedule a sewer camera inspection before buying a home?

Completing a sewer camera inspection is important before closing to ensure that you won’t run into unexpected problems. Sewer line repairs can be pricey and disruptive, so knowing the state of the pipes before purchasing a home is a great step to protect your investment. Nevertheless, our plumbing company also provides sewer repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, and nearby areas. Our sewer pipe repair services all come at a reasonable price.

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Keeley’s Plumbing is here to offer innovation sewer camera inspections in Glen Ellyn, IL and nearby areas using our state-of-the-art equipment. We are the plumbers in the local area that you can trust to inspect your sewer lines. Our team is highly trained to meet all kinds of plumbing needs, including answering your call for an emergency plumber, so be sure to schedule an appointment with your trusted plumbing company, Keeley’s Plumbing. Give us a call or fill out our online form to reach us.



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