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  • plumbing low-flow showerhead
    Are you looking for more ways to conserve water? Or perhaps your plumbing fixtures need an update? As your trusted plumber in Wheaton, IL, Keeley’s Plumbing recommends switching to low-flow fixtures. Here’s how they can benefit you and your home in the long run: Reduced Water Wastage Low-flow fixtures are made to expel less water without affecting pressure. This means you can still enjoy invigorating showers and do chores efficiently while lowering your utility costs.
  • standing water in the sink
    Clogged drains can easily ruin your supposedly productive day. Water takes forever to drain, or worse, overflow from your sink or tub. When this occurs, it’s crucial to seek professional drain cleaning in Glen Ellyn, IL, as soon as possible.  However, several myths about drain cleaning might lead you to unnecessary costs and unwanted damage. To help you take the right steps and make sound decisions, Keeley’s Plumbing debunks the top misconceptions about it. Drain
  • burst pipe
    Unfortunately, many people don’t think about their plumbing system until there is a problem. This shouldn’t be the norm—otherwise, you are just waiting for a burst pipe, sewer backup, or another emergency plumbing issue to happen. As your trusted expert, Keeley’s Plumbing is always on standby for any plumbing issues. While you can rely on us for emergency cases, prevention is always better than cure. Here are proven tips for preventing plumbing emergencies: 1. Don’t
  • plumber inspecting the water heater
    It’s easy to forget about your water heater, especially if it is out of sight—isolated in your basement or tucked in your utility closet. However, like any appliance, it needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s safe for use. After all, it works with water, electricity, and high temperatures, meaning even a simple mishap can already compromise your safety. Keeley’s Plumbing, your go-to expert in water heater repair in Lombard, IL, shares helpful tips below: Check
  • sump pump in a dirty water pool
    One of the most significant risks to your home during the cold months is freezing water, as it can cause burst pipes and flooded basements. That said, it pays to prepare and take the necessary precautions to prevent costly plumbing repairs and keep your home structurally sound. One way to do so is to winterize your sump pump. Here are handy tips from Keeley’s Plumbing: 1. Remove the Sump Pump Hose Water can freeze in



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