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  • Closeup of broken old terracotta ceramic sewer pipe Glen Ellyn, IL
    The village of Glen Ellyn has been a Tree City USA location for many years, with 2023 marking its 39th time being recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to urban forestry. The initiative to replace old and dying trees and add new greenery to the downtown streetscape has been a major focus of the community. There’s no question that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. On the plumbing side of
  • rusty water heater tank Wheaton, IL
    Corrosion is the process by which metal deteriorates due to chemical reactions with its environment. In the context of water heaters, this can cause damage, reduce efficiency, and ultimately lead to the need for extensive water heater repair in Wheaton, IL. Our experts at Keeley’s Plumbing discuss some of the most common causes of corrosion on water heaters and how to prevent it. Hard Water Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium
  • plumber conducting a sewer camera inspection
    The sewer line is a part of your home that’s often overlooked until there’s a problem. But considering the significant role it plays in keeping your plumbing system functioning properly, it certainly deserves some attention. As the trusted expert in sewer repair in Lombard, IL, Keeley’s Plumbing shares the top questions you should ask your plumber about your sewer line. What type of pipes make up my sewer line? Knowing the materials used in your
  • dirty drain
    As a homeowner, you already know that drain problems would bring a huge inconvenience to your daily routine. From clogged sinks to overflowing toilets, blocked drains can interrupt your everyday tasks and cause a lot of frustration. But what you’re probably not aware of is that they can also become a major health hazard if left unattended for a long time. Keeley’s Plumbing is here to tell you more, and why prompt drain cleaning in
  • plumber installing a water heater
    When your home’s comfort hinges on consistent hot water, installing a new water heater is not just an investment but a necessity. Whether your old one has stopped working or you’re simply looking to upgrade, professional water heater installation is critical to ensuring your new unit operates safely and efficiently. Keeley’s Plumbing shares what goes on during this process. Preparation A successful installation begins with thorough preparation. The technicians will ensure the area is clean



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