How Different Pipes Can Leak

How Different Pipes Can Leak

Irrespective of the type you have in your home, different pipes are bound to develop leaks due to prolonged use, wear and tear, and environmental factors. Nevertheless, if this happens, you can rely on the experts at Keeley’s Plumbing for a prompt sewer repair in Wheaton, IL.

We have come up with information regarding how various pipes can leak to help you take preemptive measures. This will also help you understand how to prolong their lifespan while reducing the need to replace sewer line.

1. Potential Leaks with Cast Iron Pipes

Like all other pipes manufactured using metals, cast iron is susceptible to corrosion. Over time, rust and corrosion will form inside the pipes, impairing water flow. Cracks and holes will also develop, causing sewage to leak and providing entry for intrusive tree roots. When left neglected for too long, the cast iron pipes will eventually collapse. Once you notice anything wrong with your drain and sewer lines, get professional sewer repair services immediately to avoid major damage to your home.

2. Possible Leaks with Plastic Pipes

Even though plastic pipes are not vulnerable to corrosion, they can also develop leaks that may require the intervention of a professional from Keeley’s Plumbing. Usually, plastic pipes supply cold water, but specialized plastic pipes like ABS and CPVC can tolerate warm water. If your home has standard plastic pipes, hot water can soften them, exposing them to leaks. If you’re having issues with your plastic pipes, reach out to us for a prompt plumbing and sewer line repair.

3. Potential Leaks with Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel pipes are vulnerable to galvanic erosion, which occurs when two different metals are fixed together. Usually, one of the metals corrodes rapidly, damaging the plumbing line and leading to leaks.

Keeley’s Plumbing is your company of choice for quality plumbing and sewer pipe line repair. Our team has years of experience dealing with leakage issues for different pipes. Contact us today to get the help you require.