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Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Damage

Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Damage

If you need sewer repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, we can help you with that. There are a lot of different things that can cause damage to your sewer pipes. Be sure to reach out to Keeley’s Plumbing at the first sign of trouble involving your sewer pipes.

Here is a breakdown of some of these things that can cause you to need sewer repair in Glen Ellyn, IL. While these are some of the most common causes, there are plenty of other things that can cause damage to sewer lines.

Sagging Line

One of the things that can cause damage to a sewer line is the pipe sagging. Sagging is caused by the soil around the pipe pushing down on it, causing it to bend and sag down. This damage will require sewer line repair in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Root Infiltration

A common thing that often happens to people’s sewer lines is a tree’s roots growing and bursting through the pipe. The roots then grow through the line and clog it, causing the need to replace sewer line in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Flushing Debris

No matter how many times people are told not to flush certain things down the toilet, there are still people who do, which causes a clog and damage. Now this problem can be fixed before there is any damage done, but often it is not caught in time, so you will Keeley’s Plumbing for sewer pipe line repair in Glen Ellyn IL.

Pouring Grease

Grease is a substance that can damage more than a person’s body. It can also damage a person’s sewer line. Grease is one of the worst things to put into a sewer line because it clogs and corrodes the line. Let a plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL, clear the grease out before there is too much damage.

Contact Keeley’s Plumbing today when it comes to sewer pipe issues. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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