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water heater repair in Glen Ellyn, IL

Why Proper Water Heater Installation Matters

When it comes time to replace your home’s water heater, Keely’s Plumbing recommends hiring a licensed plumber to do the job. Here’s why professional water heater installation in Glen Ellyn, IL, is so important.

Leak-Free Connections

When installed incorrectly, a water heater is far more likely to leak. An experienced plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL, will make sure the water lines leading into your unit are secure. Remember, even a seemingly small leak can cause a great deal of water damage. Mold is also attracted to the extra moisture.

Appropriate Temperature Settings

After completing the installation, our water heater services in Glen Ellyn, IL, will set your unit to the appropriate temperature. Not only will higher temperatures lead to a more expensive energy bill, but this also puts you at risk of being burned by scalding water. Meanwhile, a low temperature allows bacteria to grow. This means the health of your entire household will be at risk.

Prevents Bigger Issues Down the Road

Many of today’s homeowners prefer a tankless water heater in Glen Ellyn, IL. Aside from offering energy savings, tankless units can provide an endless supply of hot water. However, extra precautions must be made during the install. If the system is improperly installed, an excessive amount of pressure could build up. A dangerous explosion becomes a real possibility.

Job Done Right the First Time

During water heater replacement in Glen Ellyn, IL, licensed plumbers guarantee their work. You can expect the job to be done right the first time. As poor installation can lead to so many other problems in the long run, it’s not a task for the average do-it-yourself enthusiast. Professionals give you extra peace of mind.

For prompt installation services or even water heater repair in Glen Ellyn, IL, get in touch with us here at Keely’s Plumbing. Feel free to call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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