anode rod

The Importance of Anode Rod

Like any appliance in your home, it pays to know the basics of your water heater so you can take the necessary steps when something goes wrong. If you own a traditional tank-type unit, you need to look out for the anode rod. This component plays a vital role in preventing an untimely water heater repair in Lombard, IL. Read on as Keeley’s Plumbing explains the importance of the anode rod.

What Is An Anode Rod?

Usually made from aluminum, magnesium, or a combination zinc-aluminum alloy, the anode rod is a protective metal rod that runs down the middle of the tank. Its main purpose is to attract corrosive materials and minerals in the water to protect your water heater installation.

What Are the Top Benefits of an Anode Rod?

The anode rod slows down the corrosion and deterioration process of your water heater, maximizing its lifespan. It helps in preventing a premature water heater replacement. An anode rod is also important because of additional benefits that include:

  • Reducing issues with rusty or discolored water
  • Maintaining consistent water quality
  • Helping your water heater perform as expected
  • Reducing the risk of flooding and/or water damage from a leaking tank

How Long Does It Last?

Anode rods typically last three to five years, although it varies based on factors such as the water quality and frequency of water heater use in your home. For this reason, we recommend having your anode rod and water heater inspected regularly. When possible, it’s best to replace the anode rod before it’s fully worn away. 

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