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Top Plumbing Issues in Commercial Properties

As a business owner, it’s imperative to maintain a clean, safe, and hygienic environment in your establishment. This means getting ahead of plumbing issues. Even minor leaks can wreak havoc on your commercial property when left neglected, which is why you should have a top plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL, address any issue before they worsen. Keeley’s Plumbing lists the issues to watch out for:

1. Clogged Drains

Commercial drains are more prone to clogging due to the high volume of waste going through the pipes. This is especially true as many people carelessly use toilets and sinks.

A clogged drain can lead to nasty backups when left unattended, posing health hazards to your employees and customers. Once you notice symptoms of a clog, such as slow drainage, have it addressed by a pro before it escalates to an emergency plumbing situation.

2. Broken Pipes

Commercial plumbing systems comprise an expansive network of pipes, which are vulnerable to leaking, cracking, and bursting. Replacing damaged pipes can be costly and complicated, which is why you should have a trusted plumbing company tackle minor issues before they turn to a bigger problem.

3. Leaks

Leaks can develop in many areas, from pipes and faucets to toilets and sinks. Some leaks remain hidden for a long time and will only show up once they cause structural damage to your commercial property. For this reason, you should act fast and enlist plumbing services at first sight of leaks. Also, be sure to schedule routine maintenance to catch such problems early.

4. Issues With Water Temperature

Commercial water heaters work harder than their residential counterparts due to high demand. You may notice that water may not stay hot for long periods or temperatures keep fluctuating. To steer clear of these issues, it pays to have your go-to plumber conduct regular tuneups and inspections.

Keeley’s Plumbing offers an extensive range of solutions, including plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, and water heater installation, to meet your commercial plumbing needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.