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Sewer Repair in Plainfield, IL

Are you looking for professional, timely and accurate sewer repair Plainfield, IL? Here at Keeley’s Plumbing, we offer many different types of sewer repair services from cleanouts and clog removals to pipe replacement.

Our Sewer Repair Services

We repair and replace all sizes of residential and commercial sewer lines. Our services include:

Finding the tough problems with your sewer line often involves the use of a digital camera so that a detailed inspection can be performed of the interior of the sewer pipe. The sewer camera inspection allows our plumber in Plainfield, IL, to locate cracks, collapsed section of pipe, corrosion and clogs so that the best repair method can be used to restore the function of your sewer pipe.

Sewer Line Repair

When a section of your sewer line is extremely damaged, our plumbers can cut out that section of pipe and replace it with a new section. This type of sewer pipe line repair is great for when a section of your sewer pipe has collapsed due to excessive corrosion or by tree root infiltration.

If you have a tough clog in your sewer pipe, we can use drain snaking or hydro jetting to remove the clog and restore the water flow through the pipe. If you have recurring clogs, our plumbers can determine the reason and recommend a solution. While most clogs are caused by putting improper objects and foods down your drains, sometimes the cause of the clog is a bellying in the line, which is a flat area where the wastewater has stopped moving. If your line has bellied, we can regrade the pipe to ensure proper water flow.

Sewer Pipe Line Replacement

When your sewer line is completely corroded, collapsed in multiple sections or well beyond its useful life, we can replace the entire sewer line. To replace the sewer line, we excavate down to your sewer pipe for its entire length, remove the old sewer pipe and replace the pipe with a new sewer line. Then, we fill in the trench. The good news about sewer line replacement is that you’ll get a brand new sewer pipe out of the best material for your drainage needs, and you’ll be able to get the full expected useful life out of that pipe.

Apart from sewer line repair in Plainfield, IL, Keeley’s Plumbing specializes in:

Contact Us for Sewer Repair

When you need sewer repair in Plainfield, IL, you can count on our plumbers to identify the cause of the problem with a camera inspection, determine the correct repair and implement that repair in a timely manner. We have more than 20 years of experience in repairing and replacing sewer lines as well as performing other types of drain line repairs.

If you need a trust, reliable plumber in Plainfield, IL, give us a call at 630-479-9438. Our plumbers can get to the root of your sewer line problem and repair it, even if it means we need to replace sewer line.



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