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Reasons Behind Recurring Clog Issues

Clogged drains are a headache. If you are experiencing recurring clog issues, there could be many reasons for causing it. If you need a plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL, call us at Keeley’s Plumbing to take care of your clog problems regardless of the cause.

Sewer Line Issues

If you are experiencing sewage back up or slow drainage throughout the house, the issue is most likely a problem with your main sewage line. Several things may impact drainage, including tree roots and clogs in the sewage line. Benefit from our drain cleaning services to clear your line and get your drains working again.

Clogged Trap

The trap in your drain line has an important job. It holds gasses from the sewer line so they don’t come up into your home, posing risks to the health of your family. It is also one of the most likely places for debris to accumulate.

Hair, food particles, grease, and even soap residue may gather in the drain trap, thereby reducing flow. Once the accumulation begins, the trap will become a magnet for more debris, leading to a clogged drain. Our drain cleaning company can check out your trap to make sure it is clean and free-flowing.

Hard Water Deposits

If you live in an area with hard water, a buildup of calcium or other mineral deposits in your drainage lines may be causing your clogging issue. This type of clog doesn’t typically respond well to traditional drain snaking. Call a pro to discuss whether it is possible to clean the deposits or if you need to replace your drain lines courtesy of our drain services in Glen Ellyn, IL.

For reliable drain solutions, to address these or other drainage issues, contact Keeley’s Plumbing right away. One of our friendly, professional plumbers would be happy to discuss your options with you.