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  • woman holding a phone in Lombard, IL
    Even if you take all of the precautions necessary to avoid a plumbing emergency, they can still occur from time to time. Whether it’s frozen or burst pipes, running toilets, or something else, it’s important to keep your composure and be able to promptly call for expert help. Here’s what to avoid when you’re in need of emergency plumbing services. Don’t Panic It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when you have a plumbing emergency on your
  • coffee grounds in kitchen sink Wheaton, IL
    A fair amount of articles would warn you about hair, soap scum, and food scraps clogging your drains. And these are indeed culprits for drain troubles, but did you know that other items in your household can cause clogs and blockages? As the trusted team for expert drain cleaning in Wheaton, IL, Keeley’s Plumbing shares some things you should keep away from your drains. Grease and Oil As grease and oil cool down, they solidify
  • homeowner talking to a plumber Glen Ellyn, IL
    Although plumbing systems are often subjected to an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation, they play a crucial role in the comfort of our daily lives. That’s why when it comes time for much-needed maintenance or repairs, it’s important to entrust the job to a professional who can do the work right. Read on as our experts at Keeley’s Plumbing outline some essential questions you should ask before hiring a plumber in Glen Ellyn,
  • tankless water heater
    Investing in a tankless water heater is more than just going with the trend or modernizing your home. Believe it or not, a couple of financial benefits come with using this convenient water heating system. Reduced Water Waste Tankless units provide hot water on demand, so you don’t have to run the tap for an extended period waiting for the water to become hot. This reduces water waste and translates into savings on your water
  • woman mopping up standing water
    We at Keeley’s Plumbing know perfectly well that plumbing emergencies can be scary, frustrating, and costly all rolled into one, but knowing the essential steps to take can help avert even bigger problems you don’t want to deal with. Read on to learn about what you should do in a plumbing emergency. Shut off the main water supply valve A level head is always a lifesaver. Before doing anything else, remain calm and locate the



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